The Solution for Reading

The Reading Solution Experience combines the best online student reading
programs with our own expert implementation, training, and monitoring services
so your schools can be sure students successfully develop their literacy skills all
the way from learning to read in pre-k-3 to reading to learn in grades 3 through
college or career.

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Blended Learning Experience

The Reading Solution ELA Suite offers educational online programs backed by years of research that give students instruction and practice in reading to support teachers’ blended learning initiatives and free up teachers to provide individualized instruction as needed — all driven by reliable and real time data.

Developing Fundamental Reading Skills

Children come to school in grades pre-K-3 with a wide variety of language skills and reading abilities. Teachers facing this wide diversity need tools to support their efforts to provide individualized instruction in order to give all of their students a sound foundation in the fundamental skills of reading.


Transitioning to Silent Reading

Students who have sound developmental reading skills are ready to become proficient silent readers with good comprehension strategies. If students have not mastered their reading fundamentals, they need efficient remediation to prevent falling further behind. Beginning in 3rd grade and thereafter, learning depends on reading.


Silent Reading

When you change how you read, you change your life. We offer a web-based experience serving all students that transforms how, what, and why students read while broadening interests and building knowledge. Reading Plus is the only teacher support program that measures how students are reading silently and is, therefore, able to improve how, what, and why students read silently.

Words Per Minute Goals

1st Grade Reading Fluency
3rd grade
Good comprehension for 6th grade
Good academic comprehension for 9th grade
Solid comprehension for 12th grade
Excellent comprehension for college & career