The Reading Solution ELA Suite includes the following programs:

Learning to Read

Transition to and strengthen Reading to Learn

ELL, ENL, ESL and Remedial Readers


MaxScholar – Orton-Gillingham based. Explicit, Systematic, Multi-sensory: We recommend MaxScholar for all students Pre-K-3 and those needing remediation in later grades. MaxScholar consists of a comprehensive set of software programs, e-books, and workbooks covering a wide variety of reading skills, writing, summarizing, and outlining. Orton-Gillingham based and O-G training for teachers!

Reading Plus is the only reading system that simultaneously develops all three domains of reading: physical, cognitive, and emotional. It includes: a personalized learning experience, a student-centered design for student choice & control, teacher directed lessons for a blended learning environment, and real-time student progress reporting.

Sound Reading is a program for learning to read the complex English language especially for ELL/ENL/ESL. A remedial reading program for students in 4th grade or above that still need to develop foundational oral reading skills before they are ready to practice more efficient and advanced silent reading with Reading Plus. Sound Reading heightens speech and language abilities by teaching students the skills they need to read with ease and confidence.