Reading Ambassadors


Engaging the best of Educators, Technology, & Business for Literacy

A Team of Educators and Business people who support reading in their communities.

Reading Ambassadors include consultants, tutors, and advocates who:

  • Consult with you to be sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions
  • Guide your School through training and implementation of Blended Learning Reading Systems
  • Help you plan for your students’ reading and instructional needs.
  • Recommend software to support the Blended classroom
  • Mentor and monitor teacher involvement in student progress through the stages of learning to read, the transition from oral reading to silent reading, developing comprehension skills, and developing the love and joy of reading for a lifetime of learning and success in careers.
  • Support mid-year and end of year reading assessments and reports
  • Adult and student tutors

Student Reading Ambassadors

Each year we will find the outstanding Reading Leaders, feature them in their state, and encourage them to be Ambassadors of the joy of reading.

Rating of Reading Systems by Educators

Survey of schools to rate of Blended Learning Reading Systems.

We are looking for new Reading Ambassadors.

If you have an interest in supporting reading in your area, please be in touch.